Meal #13 – Grilled Chicken Sammies

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Grilled Chicken Sammies from Dishin' with Dixie

Grilled Chicken Sammies were on the menu tonight.  This was meal #13 of my Aldi 25 Experiment.  Tonight marks the halfway point of this journey.  If you like to see what my totals are at this halfway point click HERE to see my recap. Looks like we right on course and averaging less than $1 per serving.

Here’s the tally:

Chicken – $3.25
Buns – $0.99
Cheese – $0.95
Dressing (marinade) – $0.43
Tomatoes – $0.74
Lettuce – $0.66
Potato Waffles (made from Thanksgiving leftover) – $0
Green Beans – $1.49
For a total of $8.51 for 8 servings (that’s $1.06 per serving)

This recipe originated HERE on (double the quantity).  I made a few little changes to it since I didn’t feel like grilling.  Instead I sauteed the chicken in a skillet with the marinade.  I divided it in half and stuck it in the freezer for later.  I served the chicken on hamburger buns with melted cheese, romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes.  My side dished were green beans with lemon pepper and mashed potato waffles (used up some Turkey Day leftovers).

Another yummy and filling meal for cheap. Gotta love that!

Dixie's Seal of Approval

Update: Dishin’ with Dixie has moved to


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